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Will your new company do anything to combat the very real abuses in time, money, and psychology a majority of game dev studios engender?

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Does IDW accept manuscripts (screenplays for adaptation) from authors with agents?

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I'm afraid I've run out of enthusiasm. Because no idea seems like it's worth a damn anymore. Thanks for responding.

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Yes. I have something I hope I can put into question form...I've been involved with a number of startups lately, and the last two have really tried to sell me on their enthusiasm, and the more they tried to sell--let me point out I'm not the first other person on the project, there are usually a handful of people before I get there--the more I am repelled.

I can be enthusiastic about things, but beyond enthusiasm, what else should I feel when considering working for a startup? If that makes sense.

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I have tried for many years to break into screenwriting. Are you hiring?