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Neil, you're a great mind who helps reach out and bring many people new curiosity for science & I applaud you for that.

I am not as intellectually inclined as I wish I was but I feel confident as a good orator and communicator having worked sales jobs.

I don't believe I have the capabilities to go into a STEM degree so what do you think young people in my generation who cannot go into STEM should strive for?

also how'd you like the movie "Life"?

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This is awesome, much better answer than simply saying "get a blue collar job". Thank you!

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I fucked around with my medications years ago experimentally at high doses but it’s a waste. Using amphetamines can definitely be habit forming but there’s no net positive at abusing it.

You’re body runs best on quality food, sleep hygiene, and physical exercise; without that the medication is not gonna be useful at all, it’ll make the symptoms worse than you’d originally had prior to taking them and then some.

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I don’t follow baseball but what are your current thoughts on adderall / stimulants? I hope you’re getting on well and are in good spirits my dude.

I feel for addicts, it’s a disease. I’m addicted to cigarettes and use dexedrine almost daily as prescribed. I’ve done some high doses experimentally but found it to be net negative in almost every way...

We all have different perspectives but it irks me when people abuse these medications because it makes it harder for people who actually need them and / or use them for an improved quality of life with responsible use.