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You also have to consider people's policy limits. The person who hit me caused my injury and had a cap of $15k payout on injury. (State minimum suck.) The final letter to the adjuster pretty much broke down the numbers into 'you are going to pay the policy maximum because the case is worth that's with all the medical liens and such. And I have a disk that bulges slightly for good.

Only sticking point was having to send in a paystub to show lost salary. Because they were used to dealing with minimum wage people and my hours lost were.... A lot higher.

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I've had to cancel Asia (Feb), Hawaii (July), and several other small ones. Hopefully I get to see my boyfriend this fall. (He lives in London.)

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What's a good, nice hotel for a local for a weekend in Jan? Pondering treating someone to a vacation weekend and trying to sort out costs and such. Jan seems to be a big convention month.

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Yep = planning to miss all those wonderful anyoing events. But spcials arn't posted yet! I usually try to hit Vdara or signature because I can't be around a lot of smoke. Are any of the downtown hotels non-smoky?

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Or being topless in a family pool. That was fun this year.