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I never did find out. Their only explanation was that because I had a pending charge that no judge would likely approve of the change.

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  1. I was a pizza delivery driver so I was just trying to switch which days I work, it wasn't a big deal because I drive for my job. I told them I'd be driving from 10am-10pm and just wanted different days as the fall semester was starting but the clerk said it'll probably be denied because of the opiate thing.
  2. I suspected that was the reason but I just wanted to hear your answer. Thanks for the quick response.

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Last year I was on 6 month probation for a marijuana charge. I had random drug tests through the color code system so I only ended up being tested twice but the first one, I tested positive for opiates. I eventually figured out that it was because I took a hydrocodone the night before but I didn't have a prescription, it was from the girl I went on a date with the night before.

I told my PO I got it from her for my back pain and he said he understood and believed me that I wasn't running around shooting up heroine or anything. Then all of a sudden I have to appear in court before a judge about this. The paper even said I could face jail time so I shit my pants for a while. During this time I also couldn't change my restricted license approved driving hours so I was out of work for a while thanks to this.

When I got to the court and stood up in front of a judge, all he did was read a letter from my PO saying exactly what I said, he didn't say one word to me, and dismissed the charges.

Here's my two questions:

  1. Why did I have to wait over a month without the ability to change my restricted license hours only to have a judge read a letter that he could have read the exact day I told my PO?

  2. Why are people caught with marijuana being drug tested for substances they didn't get in trouble for?