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When I worked on a lighting crew years ago, we used to play standup comedy shows at low volume over the headsets (we could still hear the cues) during long running shows. This was at a small rural playhouse, but how do yall make the time pass when it's the 14th week (or more!) of the same show?

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I can only imagine! Longest show I ever did was 8 weeks of Jesus Christ Superstar, Friday night, Saturday matinee, Saturday night, Sunday matinee and by the tenth rendition of the garden of gestheteme (not even counting rehearsals) I was very happy for any sort of distraction. A year would be awful, even with a better show.

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Yes. Usually you see that after only a few runs, especially if you have a cue sheet and someone misses a verbal cue word though. I'm blanking on the exact word right now, but one time we were doing guys and Dolls and there is a scene where the mc has a revelation (avoid spoilers just in case) and we were supposed to cue a spot on a specific word, which the character missed.

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Trying to be polite 😅

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I am a former high school head coach and college assistant coach, and I would love to try and get a job working in a front office somewhere. Any tips for getting into that level of the business, or ways to stand out? Thanks in advance!