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"Ok man, how much are you looking to get for it?"

"Well, the guy just said 500 upvotes, so 500."

"Ummm.... No. (Rick Laugh). I've got to make something off it and it could sit her for a long time until there's a voter"

"Ok, I could do 400"

"Uh... Yaaa. I can do you 7"

"I was really hoping to get more, can you come up a bit, say 200?"

"(pretends to be wrestling with the thought in his mind)... I can do you 10 but I can't go any higher"

"....ok. I guess it's a deal"

"Ok great man, I will have Chum write it up"

Dude talking in parking lot after the deal: "Well, I was hoping to get a lot more for it, but something is better than nothing and I freed up some space for other memes, so I'm happy with it"

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Pretty sure I would die tho.

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Or not feeding them for a good while as well...

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Squeeled like a pig

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Oh, never mind then. 17 year old girls have that capability.