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But what if you become (even more) famous? All those nazi journalists will dig out the shit you wrote and post stuff like: "Rob Towner swears to parents on the internet"

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It was always my dream to write books for kids but I never actually found the motivation to do anything close to that. So you better give me some fucking great advice right now on how to change and be the next Michael Ende or J.K. Rowling but with less tits. Oh and also I can't illustrate at all.

So, you disgustingly pretty piece of author.. watcha saying?

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Instructions unclear. Masturbated 5 times to fish meat in front of a shoe salesman with broccoli up my anus.

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I'm masturbating for 19 years now. Thanks for asking.

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Aww, I'm blushing. Nah mate, 28. Just started late cuz I was busy being awesome in kindergarten and school. When I started masturbating, my whole life went downhill.