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In Simon's book Homicide when the detectives wanted to blow steam they always seemed to go find a spot by the industrial side of the city like the docks and old warehouses where they could just get drunk and be left alone.

At one point if I recall correctly an old security guard guy accosts them and is like "get outta here!" not knowing they were a bunch of detectives + 1 reporter.

Might be a reference to the times he spent drinking in odd places with the murder police.

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90 mins seems to be the commercial amount of time people go into these tanks.

But after the 6 hour stay how pruned were you? I mean even a 20-30 minute bath prunes my fingers and toes pretty badly I can't imagine 6 hours floating in water loaded with salt.

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Ewww that sounds despicable, as if.....

I'm sorry you never got the chance to receive one of these glorious beasts : http://olafpackaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/iStock_000001693251Large.jpg

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Curious, do you guys have access to every single piece of audio from that series? Like all the music and the voices of actors and stuff?

If so you have to find a way to incorporate a line that Cpt. Lee Adama says. I'm sorry I'm a bad fan and don't know the exact episode but it's from season 2 or 3 ? when they find the second battlestar and the admiral of that ship is crazy and they think they need to destroy the galactica or something and he says

"Nothing can destroy the battlestar galactica, NOTHIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn"

It's so funny it's honestly the best part of the entire series for me.

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Fascinating. There's a tank in my region that is affordable for a 90min session and I have been curious. Might give it a shot sooner than later.