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There is a security team and there is a jail. The security team mostly patrols the corridors, screens people going on and off the ships, and responds to any emergency. In instances where passengers have been arrested they will be held in the jail or in their own cabins with a guard on their door until the next port where they will be handed over to the local authorities.

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We sometimes had overnights in certain ports. Those were always the most fun. Also, the passengers only visit a port once but the crew visits the same ports over and over again for months until the cruise reroutes. So, if you don’t get the chance to do something this week you’ll be back the next. I mentioned St. Petersburg, Russia as one of my favorites but I also really enjoyed Reykjavik in Iceland, Dublin in Ireland, and Singapore.

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I would imagine you would be detained in another country then. I was onboard the Carnival Legend when a fight broke out and about 20 people were arrested. The Australian police had to board the boat, process everyone involved and take them all back on land. It’s unlikely that everyone involved were all from Australia.

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This is just speculation, but I think it’s that the working conditions are not as good as what you can get in America. I made fairly good money because I was in a position with commission and we generally didn’t work when we were docked. A lot of positions are 14 hour days 7 days a week for 8 months with no days off and low pay.

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We just had so much time available to us that we could do more in Russia than any other port. Some ports we might visit for 4 hours every two weeks but we spent 36 hours in Russia every two weeks.

I thought the architecture was really cool. A lot of the buildings are really colorful and intricate. That was one of the few ports where very little English was spoken but there are ways of communicating to anyone.