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They confused Guy Fieri and Gordon Ramsay up I think

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Except Israel didn't force Palestinians to move to Gaza, the refugee crisis in 1948-49 occurred because the Arab governments attacked Israel upon it's independence, then told the Arabs to withdraw with the Arab armies because they'd be right back after the ceasefire and kick the Jews out.

That never happened, then permanent refugee camps were formed because the surrounding states (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia) wouldn't absorb the refugee populations.

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I support Firefox in an Enterprise environment

Awkward to get to options and requires more mouse movement than Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9

Having the options and settings in the upper left hand under "Firefox" is confusing and the opposite of Chrome and Internet Explorer in Windows, which leads to training headaches with users.

The Firefox homepage - http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/fx/ - defaults to Android, even if the user is on a Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating system, makes zero sense.

Those are the things that make me tell my users "Just use Chrome, it's easier to deal with right now."

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That's bad, so it's much more expensive than being an Alaska Native.

From a hub town in Alaska - like Nome, it's $300 US each way ($600 round trip), plus 200-300 each way to get to Seattle if you needed to be in a big city.

Food prices are about the same in rural Alaska as what you quoted though

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Let me know when you can drive one up the Alcan then I'll be more interested.