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I don't have words...thank you. Thank you so much.

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How do you do it? How do you deal with the guilt? The constant, intrusive, horribly reminiscent thoughts reminding you of the once amazing person who no longer has a future. Thinking of every beautiful thing about that person, wishing you could've made them see the same things you do.

I'm not being an ass. I'm just having a hard time coping.

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You talk about your time with McDonald's with almost a disdain. Did you just become complacent and roll with it? Why did you stay for so long if you didn't really enjoy it? I'm quitting my current stable job because I fear exactly this happening.

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Sounds like you're already in the process of starting over and are smart enough to do it but never saw the opportunity before. I'd say no fuckin way is it too late to start over with something you actually enjoy and props to you for doing something about it instead of throwing a pity party. You're going to school which is the obvious first step, and in just a couple years you will be at a place in your life, and in your kids lives, to fully commit to whatever you decide. Keep your options open, think about it with a "fresh" mind. You'll find something you enjoy, and money wont be as big of a stressor as before.

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Your McDonald's sounds like one in a movie.