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Please don't kill Bill with GoT...

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I would like to keep it if it was me.

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Do you guys watch Sealab 2021?

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I seen in a recent video that your doc pulled you off of testosterone. Can you go into detail on why that was and if he pulled you off cold turkey? If it was cold turkey, you risk never producing your own naturally and you're at great risk for depression an anxiety episodes. Are your estrogen levels also monitored? What are your testosterone and E2/3 levels? This can contribute heavily.

I'm also wondering if you're getting enough testosterone and frequently enough. See, most doctors do it very wrong. Testosterone should be given based on symptoms and not simply blood work. Also, high frequency lower doses are better than one dose low frequency. If you're getting a 100mg shot every two weeks, the doctor is probably making things worse.

What needs to happen for treatment to be effective is that your estrogen levels need to be suppressed to low normal, test needs to be given at least once per week, with your low levels being high normal. This is how treatment is the most effective.

That being said, once I started on the CORRECET testosterone treatment, my weight started dropping. My body responded by getting stronger and losing fat. My pain is reduced, I heal faster, and my depression and anxiety is practically gone.

Boogs, man. I want you to succeed, and if your doctor isn't a specialist in this field, then he should not be fucking you up with hormones.

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I'm curious to know how you feel when people use words like 'retard' either around your son or not?

How do you react?