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Clever_mudblood9 karma

For any men here self conscious about your man boobs and cannot afford a surgery, why not get a binder? They're usually Made for female to male transgendered people, and they're awesome! My brother (born a female and has bigger boobs than me) wears one and he loves it. Doesn't hurt, looks like a tank top under your shirt and flattens everything out! They are a little pricey but it is a one time purchase :)

Clever_mudblood1 karma

First, thank you for existing. Without you, Renee, and TWLOHA, I wouldn’t have gotten through some dark times. That being said... is there anywhere I could buy the Paramore shirt?

Clever_mudblood1 karma

Oh dear. I lost mine in a move, and I believe I donated the rest. At one point in my life it was the only shirt I wore so I had about 6. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Looks like I just have to go buy some of the new ones!