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you are being mass downvoted, most likely because of your comment above where you say that people should be polite to telemarketers because they can easily make your life more difficult, then equated what you do to fast food workers.

whether or not you agree with it, you work for the lowest of the low. and you try to equate what you do to advertising, and it is in no way the same thing. the closest thing to what you do are those people in the mall who spray perfume on you when you walk by.

your job is intrusive, invasive, manipulative, and frankly just annoying. people don't like what you do, and are probably going to down vote everything you say here

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Dentist here, it is approximately $30-60k depending on a number of factors.

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im very confused. i thought you crashed on the landing? as in the wing hit the runway when you touched down? if thats the case how did you "accept your fate" on the way down? did you know you were going to crash?

you say "as we were going down" as if something happened mid air and made you crash, but that isn't what you or the accident report described.