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"Glass, stream to Twitch"

That's how.

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I got five questions for you:

1) Can we 'call cousin Vinnie' in this game?

Or a better way of phrasing the question, what cheat codes will there be?

2) What do you feel were your biggest mistakes when developing SimCity 4?

In my opinion it was the engine (It felt just plain horrible.)

3) Will there be any elements borrowed from other Sim games like The Sims 3, SimCopter etc found in the new SimCity game?

For example a bonus mode where you can fly a helicopter through your city or the ability to somehow include your Sims from The Sims 3 into the game.

4) As a strong hater of Digital Rights Management (but also an opposer of piracy for the fact that it is basically the stealing of legitimate profits a company would have made from their product), I feel that shafting the legitimate consumer (with useless things that make the game about 0.005% harder to crack and upload on bittorrent for pirates like installation limits, online installation and/or permanent internet connection requirements to play regardless of the game being single player) is a terrible idea.

And now to my question. What are Maxis and Electronic Arts going to do to address the gamers' concerns that SimCity would suddenly get swamped with DRM weeks before launch?

I don't want to look forward to this game and actually want to spend money on it and then find out two weeks before the game's launch that I will require a permanent internet connection just to play the game's single player modes, or that I'd need to install rootkit copy protection software like SecuROM just to play it.

I just feel like offering the legitimate buyer a much worse product than what the pirates get for free is actually deterring people from buying the game as opposed to its intended effect of making the game exponentially harder to pirate.

5) Also related to DRM. How does Maxis feel about the fact that Spore became the most pirated game of 2008 probably as a retaliatory move towards the inclusion of SecuROM DRM and installation limits?

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How about Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy getting it on?

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Adblock user here. What annoys me the most?

  • 30 second long ads, or ads longer than that. 15 - 20 seconds is the sweet-spot for ads.
  • Ads that ask you to click on an option to view a different advert else they won't close or they'll take a minute to close. Those adverts should be outright banned from your site, period.
  • Ads that ignore Twitch volume settings or are far too loud anyway.
  • The same old ads. Having experienced the same old horrible Microsoft Bing brostep ads made me use Adblock in the first place. Or most recently when I watch streams on TL (where adblock was disabled) I saw the same old PlayStation Plus ads with that godawful DJ Fresh - Gold Dust song played ad infinitium.
  • Pre-roll ads that happen every time you reload a stream.
  • For ads longer than 15 seconds there should be a Skip Advertisement button that appears 5 seconds in, just like with YouTube. Twitch lacks this shit.