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I don't think I could do nightshift. I worked at Wendy's for six years and the dayshift was enough. What's the worst night customer you've had?

Since you're in Ontario, I hope you don't work at the one by the Tunnel in Windsor. Stay strong. Don't let the grease burns get you down!

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Fellow Environmental Consultant here!

Just curious to know who you work for? Is it a small local or one of the big ones?

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Always nice to hear that the smaller consulting businesses are still thriving. Feels like the big players are constantly buying everyone up. We were with Wood, sold off, and was recently bought up by WSP here in Canada. They're kind of a huge player now with the buyout of another major consulting firm the year prior.

Either way! Good luck with everything! Wishing nothing but straightforward remedial work though I think we both know those projects don't exist. Lol

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Awesome. Always have to take care of those staple clients. Long term monitoring and clean up is definitely a steady workflow to be part of. My office almost strictly does site assessments and dang near zero long term. It's all short term so we jump from project to project. We're lucky that we've established a reputation in our city so we have work flowing in (too much, but we manage!) constantly.

And I agree, it feels like in our game either you're consuming smaller businesses or being consumed. It's a little wild.

Glad to hear you guys are doing well!

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Missed your last question, sorry for the second comment.

I'm on the geoscientist side of things. It's definitely a different line of thinking than engineering. It's interesting to get our geos and engineers in the same room to hear different approaches to problems.