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Do you find it difficult to create artwork that looks unique for each different project you work on?

Also your "sign up here to enter" link doesnt work

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What do you think are the 2 largest myths/ misconceptions causing problems in the world right now?

What do you think the most important myth you have worked to bust in the past?

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  • What has been you "favorite" Pinocchio to give out so far?
  • Which Pinnochio has made you the angriest?

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What are some of the biggest and most common mistakes you see amateur and hobby wildlife photographers make?

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This topic seems extremely interesting to me. I spent 4 years as a missileer in the Air Force and am startinbg a program to attain a pilots license in April.

What are some of the benefits/drawbacks to using this method of launch?

Between a manned mission to Mars and commercial space flights, which do you predict will occur first?