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I had the great opportunity to attend your talk at Bricks Cascade a few years ago (I've been displaying at Cascade and BrickCon for a number of years now). I was surprised to see your name scrolling through Reddit! As a fellow builder, one of my greatest struggles is sorting my collection effectively since I'm usually really limited on time. Do you have any sorting or storage recommendations for someone who has very little time on their hands to sort but has a fairly large collection?

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Thanks for doing this! I'm an aspiring film composer.
How do you see the industry changing for film composers due to COVID? And how is starting as a film composer different now from, say, 10 or 20 years ago?

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Do you get to select the music, or are you given music to work with? If you get to select it, what does that process look like?

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Thanks for the response! Glad to hear that the future sounds promising for media composers