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If you think the fetus is a human being with rights, than you violate its right to life by killing it. Abortion is more a debate of when is something Human. Dr. Paul may believe that a fetus is a human, and as such it is involuntary being cheated at its chance at life for the sake of another's interests.

Edit: Being a Libertarian Minded individual I am very torn on the issue. I am torn not necessarily on abortion but rather on what is a human. If the fetus is not human, than you are violating the mothers right to life in that the "group of cells" as some refer to it can hurt or kill her, and as such she has a right to choose whether to endanger her life for it or not.

The issue is philosophical in nature to me. When something a person? If you believe it is a human, than I can understand someone being pro-life, because if the woman is just killing a human for no other reason than because she doesn't want a kid, and so you can say that ones right to life trumps the mothers right to her body.

Conversely, if someone believes its just a group of cells, why should the mother have to suffer through all the hardships of pregnancy and potentially risk her life for a child she might not be able to provide for?

I currently support legal abortion, as woman will do it anyway and forcing one way or another is wrong, but if I asked I would encourage women not to do so unless necessary. I would of course never shame a woman who chose to have one, as it is her choice ultimately.

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Which is why I cant understand how people on Reddit can think pro life people are just idiots. I believe Moral Issues do not have a right or wrong. I don't think being pro-life is stupid, i just disagree.

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Hey Three Dog! I was hoping you would return! How was your New Years?

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American here, just want to say you make your country proud! Thanks for making a difference out there!

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I do to. I have an uncle who is out there right now, i hope he gets home. I hippie you had a good new year!