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What can you tell us about KIC 8462652 long term dimming?

Edit : For context, the three subreddits pondering this star right now :

r/KIC8462852_Gone_Wild : inclusive forum where folks can propose and discuss highly-speculative and off-the-wall ideas

r/KIC8462852 : exploration and examination of all things related to KIC 8462852

r/KIC8462852_Analysis : discussion of the secular dimming trends using data from Las Cumbres Observatory with focus on data, methods, software, and analysis

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Well thank you for your answer, could you expand on this part a bit more?

claim that it has dimmed a lot over the last century would seem to have held up to me

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Was WOW an FRB?

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Jason Wright's full answer, my favorite quote :

Boyajian et al. 2015 recently announced KIC 8462852, an object with a bizarre light curve consistent with a “swarm” of megastructures. We suggest this is an outstanding SETI target.

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Thank you sooo much...