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Why does this Jezebel place get so much hate? Sure it's a Gawker site but that doesn't really explain the level of rancor I've heard every time it's mentioned somewhere.

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Does a bus driver job fit very well around a college schedule? I am a 21 yr old guy who lives at home and attends community college. In the summer I already drive shuttle buses full time for a canoe rental company but I was wondering if it is feasible to hold down a school bus route during the school year. I live about 15 minutes from a large school bus garage and they are usually hiring every fall.

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thanks for the input! I might be attending online college sometime in the near future when I'm done at the community college so it might work for me to run routes.

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Are pimps a very important part of the lot lizard scene? Or is it mostly girls/women acting on their own?