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Cinnabunnyturtle20 karma

Is it worth it to work on trauma that is time specific?

For background: my first pregnancy ended with a very traumatic birth. Basically I was induced, got hyperfrequent contractions, towards the end the doctor pushed on my stomach to get baby out but that resulted in uterine rupture and ultimately the death of my child (and almost myself as well.) I am now pregnant with my third child and I cannot stand anybody touching my stomach. It’s not even a conscious thought, the reaction is involuntary and can be severe. I know I will have to go through doctors touching my stomach after my baby’s birth but after that it won’t matter so I am not sure if I should do anything to work on this. Are there downsides to just suffer through it instead of working on this?

Cinnabunnyturtle3 karma

Thank you for your reply. I won’t have a “normal” birth, because of the scar the traumatic event. I will deliver via csection and won’t feel any touch. My doctors know and don’t touch my stomach right now but the nurses will after the c section to make sure my uterus is shrinking the way it should. I wonder if it’s okay to just say I’ll deal with a couple days of the most uncomfortable thing or better to work on it now while my baby feels the stress. One doctor said I should try to connect positive thoughts with touch (gentle touching by partner). Not sure that can work though and not sure what’s better for baby.