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Cici--C20 karma

Hello Prof Santos!

I am currently having some trouble and would like to hear your advice.

I have been admitted to a great school that is going to start this fall, but due to Covid-19 and visa issues, I might not be able to attend it in person.

Physically I am also locked down in another country and not able to go back to my home country soon due to a lack of international flights resulting from the Coronavirus.

On the one hand, I want to calm myself down and tell myself this is something I can't control.

On the other hand, I have missed some actions I could have done to help with my current problems (I could have got a visa appointment earlier/ could have purchased a flight ticket earlier) and this guilt is making me feel both anxious and depressed.

Do you know how I can keep myself alert as well as relaxed at the same time?

Cici--C8 karma

Thank you, Prof Santos!

These suggestions are super helpful and I will definitely try them to make things better.

Wishing you good health!