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It's a literal shit rocket.

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My brother went to law school, graduated, and then spent about $8000 to take the test 6 times, the last time with a tutor. It really fucked with him and he’s been terribly depressed ever since and has stated multiple times what a complete joke he is for ever thinking he could actually be a lawyer.

He’s now thinking of giving up law and going back to school for ASL interpretation for court.

My question is, what advice, tips, tricks, hacks to help him study/pass? And, if you have any insight into it, ways that you’ve coped with failure in your life.

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This guy fucks

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And the eternal battle over gif vs jif lives on through others…

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I’m just waiting for the SEC to start regulating. Then we’ll start to see the real market value of crypto. Until then I’m buying very tiny chunks during dips ($25-$75) just in case I’m wrong.