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I think people have downvoted you because they think you're making a criticism rather than transcribing the link for those who can't view imgur or struggle with the handwriting. VOTE HIM BACK UP YOU FOOLS.

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Cheer up, Murray.

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I feel like the grandson has probably done a pretty bad job of explaining to the OP what the purpose of an AMA is. I get the feeling that he's aware that he needs to answer questions, but not why he's answering them.

And to be honest, there's no way that most Redditors even understand what questions about serious mathematics mean, let alone have the ability to understand the answers, so it's sort of a redundant AMA unless you're looking at it in the sense of a very generic AMA about being an academic (and surely we have enough academics who are already Redditors and know the format who can do that). As someone with an undergraduate degree in maths, I know most Redditors would struggle to come up with good questions that I could give answers to in a way they'd understand, and the OP here has an understanding waaaay beyond mine, to the extent that I'd struggle in the same way to ask serious questions of him.

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Good point. I guess the right response to any claim of a person only pushing something because it benefits them (if it doesn't harm others) is "So what?". "He's only pushing gay marriage because he wants to marry another guy!" - "So what?". It should be accepted that people can champion their own rights to do things.

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It's got a capital T because a normal t is only medium height.