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Lucky... I have a beautiful ak and its banned in mass. I have to be in boston for work though so im looking at other options. NH has its own problems but they live up to their motto

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They arent required to process the registration in a timely manner. They arent processing them rn at all.

Licenses for gun ownership have historically being used to mainly disarm blacks and other minority groups. It has historically been democrats doing this.

I don't think it should be the police decision on whether or not I'm allowed to own a firearm if I'm not a felon and do not have mental health issues. Its the same thing with the red flag laws that kill many people like Breanna Taylor.

The laws in NH are fair across the board and allow anyone who is able and willing to carry a firearm. This is also the law federally. I would like to see more leftist take this position.

"Shall not be infringed" was not a joke to many of us. Gun sales are way up and if the left cannot adopt a pro gun stance then the right will take former blue strongholds very quickly as the left continue with these insane Licenses.

This gives the state the whole choice of who is armed and who isn't. The people who arent almost inevitably end up being minorities.

Chrsmulkey3 karma

Hey Jon. I'm a Mass resident and was wondering about your specific stances on the gun laws in Mass.

I moved to Mass a while back and while I've never had a problem obtaining a gun in any other state anti-black legislation like those in MA,NJ,CA and NY continue to affect minorities like me to this day.

Because of the police ability to chose who gets a license even after passing a background check it leaves mass residents like me high and dry on having to leave the state and go through a private sale just to arm ourselves while waiting on out LTC to process. (This is legal and is covered under the 60 day registration wait)

Any FFL in New Hampshire could probably explain this quandary to you.

I would like to know if you plan of fighting the systemic anti-black LTC legislation that blocks my 2nd amendment right and my civil rights to life & liberty.

This is something that many Neo-Liberal democrats who passed these anti-black crime bills over the past 30 years (Bloomberg) have basically used to subvert black Americans right to defend themselves against violent criminals.

Do you plan on correcting this form of systemic racism and moving us to a more equal system like NH?