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Leave Arod alone. He tries really hard

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What is the biggest setback the teams seem to have. The Russians accomplished this almost 55 years ago and the US has done is numerous times in the 1960's. Technology then compared to today was laughable. Why is it not easy for teams to be able to accomplish this cheaper and faster than they did 50 years ago? The technology and know-how is already there.

BTW, I think this is the greatest contest ever.

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Trying to find the Henry Ford for space ships. That's awesome!!! Thanks

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What part of North America is the most understanding of veganism and what part id the worst.

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Still after all these years it's sad our Gov't doesn't understand the internet and how the information here is beneficial to everyone. DO you think their lack of knowledge is why they want to control it? Also what are they doing to help themselves understand it.