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My brother is a qualified barrister but he struggled to get a pupilage because he went to UCL, not Oxford or Cambridge. He's now curator of a Mercedes Benz museum. So my questions are:

How hard was it to get a pupilage?

What university did you attend? (I'd ask what you got but I'm guessing a first).

Do you come from a wealthy background? (Sorry to ask but it will help dispel some common misconceptions!).

Is is true that you cannot sue clients who don't pay? If so, how do you deal with this kind of situation?

Finally, I have a client who works at Lincoln's Inn (11 Stone Bulidings). How secretive do you have to be or rather how much can you talk about a case to a fellow barrister?

Thank you!

EDIT: Keyboard ran out of batteries and left out half my letters.

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Agree 100%. I don't think he was as dedicated as he needed to be. It was an excuse to avoid the real world for as long as possible.