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Thanks for doing this and your work. On the TV show Lanz you mentioned that Edward Snowden broke the news before you could. Do you know who of your colleagues told him and if him tweeting about it was an accident?

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This one: https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/716683740903247873

They claimed on TV that the tweet went online half an hour before they wanted to announce it themselves

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As a fellow Historian you shouldn't leave out the fact that Sir Richard Evans hat some really good points criticizing your book


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My son is five years old, this year (well, last..) we watched it with him for the first time. Just like I remember watching it first, every alcohol or etiquette related joke went right above is head, but he loved the bit with the tiger's head.

It's stupid and I hate the ending with the butler giving the thumb up, but I'll never not watch it on New year's Eve

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