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You don't need a lot of funding. PM me. I can help you get started with only the cost of hosting and a domain name. I started my own web agency before the Army and because of my disability, I don't have the time or energy to pursue it again. I'll pass on what I know, what I learned, to you.

Edit: I can also tell you what I did to build my business.

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Wait, is that it?

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Robby Benson was a mentor to my best friend in college, he sends his well wishes to Robby.

What do you guys think about Hamilton? It's the hot thing right now. Lin-Manuel Miranda is hot right now. Thoughts?

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I hope I'm not too late to ask, but do you have any problems with feral cats? A mint farmer near where I grew up hired people to chase away feral cats before harvest.

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I love how candid Dr. Carlisle's responses are.