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Like this?

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Yeah.. This part is surreal:

TRACON: I think an airplane just plowed into the City.
NY Center: I, yeah, they did, ah, duh, the World Trade Center hit (indistinct).
TRACON: No, another one, we just saw another one do it.
NY Center: Another one?
NY Center: Holy cow, that's two, ah, one just hit (indistinct) an hour ago.
TRACON: Yeah, one just a moment ago.
NY Center: No shit.

Then there's this piece of the puzzle:

Boston Center: Hey Tony, are you still there?
Herndon Center: Yes I am, Terry.
Boston Center: Tony? I'm going to reconfirm with, ah, with downstairs, but ah, the ah, as far as the tape, but, Bobby Jones seemed to think that the guy said that we have planes. Now I don't know if it was because of the accent, or it there's more than one. But, ah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna reconfirm that for ya, ah, and I'll get back to you real quick, ok?
Herndon Center: Appreciate it.
[Background] Unknown: And what?
Boston Center: Planes, as in plural.
Boston Center: Tony, Terry, it's confirmed on that tape that they said we have planes.

And a lot of people asked if it was an exercise. They were told, "this is real world."

Edit: As /u/LetsGetNice pointed out, it's "real world," not "real life."

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My heart. My heart hurts..

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He addressed part of this in his "Why Do You Make People Look Stupid?" video too.

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Very important. If you do not bend your knees, something else has to absorb the shock. Unfortunately, sometimes it's your back.

Also, you'll see a lot of freestyle skiers with long-term knee injuries.