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Chris-Moore29 karma

I am so sad there are not more original movies getting made. Check out St. Vincent for a good original movie with Bill Murray and Mellissa McCrthy. I had nothing to do with it just loved it.

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Genius. I wish i had thought of it. My two problems are that I am not sure how math gets anyone laid and girls are in charge now so it really is up to them no matter how smart one is. But A for effort.

Chris-Moore18 karma

I am most surprised that it became a porn category as far as my friends have told me ;-)

It was a hilarious scene to shoot as well. But it existed before we shot it, we just made it big.

Chris-Moore15 karma

Mostly I hate having to be the grown-up. Delivering bad news or having to reprimand people for bad behavior sucks. It is so fun being on a set and so exciting making movies but the producer is kind of like the camp counselor making a fun experience safe and keeping everyone focused. I wish I did not have to do that as often.

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Really Mory? Good seeing you here. In the movie it was an amalgamation of a few folks in Matt and Ben's lives. I am glad for your boss. What are you doing now?