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I live in Hawaii, where many GMO seed crops are tested and grown. As an organic farmer we have no recourse when these seeds and pollen enter our farms a contaminate our crops and land. For instance, we can't even save our own papaya seed now as even the feral papaya population now is mostly showing the marker genes from the GMO varieties. Is there a way to have GMO crops isolated from those of us who's lively hoods are in jeopardy from this unwanted genetic contamination? How would you have such laws and regulations stated? ( I have no problem with people growing and consuming gmo's, but it should be a choice for the rest of us to live GMO free should we choose )

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So... uh, what kind of things did you do for redditors exactly?

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So most people didn't ask for anything in return? There's a lot of names on your poster.

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He said he moved some couches! If that's not challenging enough for you... well then, I don't know.