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You keep bringing up Yanukovich and his mafia. Can you give us some more information about what exactly is so corrupt about him? Why is he viewed so poorly? I know politicians are scumbags, but what makes him so awful? And the government hired criminals to kill protesters, right? Are they worse than the police and are they the ones who are sniping people?

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Shit, dude. He got elected? Wow. Now I understand a bit more. So, what about the Tituchki? Are they all criminals hired by the government to kill protesters and are they shooting at you guys? Also, thanks so much for everything you're doing. I'm not Ukrainian, but I have been following this since November and when violence erupted in January, I was wondering why you never heard about it here. Thank you for standing up for what's right.

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Jesus. Stay safe, and thanks for doing this. I hope you can do as much as you can to help

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Hey Scott, we talked a couple of months ago about you guys touring in Atlanta and I have been following you guys since Thrift Shop way back when and have every album and song. Did you come up with the idea for Postmodern Jukebox come from your work on Bioshock Infinite or did you have the idea previously?