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Wait did that post really just lead to a job offer?

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Godot, HaxeFlixel, and GameMaker are all strong alternatives to Unity that you wouldn't be insane to use. The first two are open source and free, with Godot being completely analogous to Unity, and GameMaker is pay once. Unity is subscription based (25/mo with mandatory 12 month commitment unless you want your options severely limited) and closed source.

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I'm not doing this for him, I'm doing this for other devs who are led to believe that Unity is the only option by guys like him. Look at that wording, he you'd be insane to not use Unity, sheesh.

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Did you ever receive complaints in the mail about Sinistar? I wasn't around in the 80's but that game seems absolutely mentally scarring, and I can't imagine it went through without some sort of controversy, internal or otherwise.

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I missed this, but if you do come back I'd love to know what did end up happening to Kings and Castles? I followed the development really closely, pre-production wrapped up, then... Gone. Did the idea just not pan out? Was it a corporate thing or you guys just weren't feeling it anymore?