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You just made me realize something good - the godparents we choose for our kids would happily turn on us if we turned on our kids.... which as a sane person right now who loves his kids is a good thing. Wow.

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"I was like "hey, that was fun!", but then I was like "hmm, that's probably what an addict thinks," and never thought about doing it again."

See, that right there is exactly, entirely and absolutely correct on all counts... good for you man. You dodged a massive bullet there.

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That's 9G sustained... something that only lasts 1.5 seconds isn't sustained... so it could be higher.

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The quarters are pressurized to the same pressure as the working depth of the job. There is no decompression between diving bell and the quarters. The whole.diving crew would decompress together in quarters when the job is done.

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Civ isn't a grand-strategy game...