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Apparently Russian soliders used to go nuts for watches during WW2 so they would have absolutely loved that.

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Does he think that the cult of personality would have become more deeply entrenched over the decades since his escape?

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Yeah I'd say from your well considered replies in excellent English you are not even close to being mentally impaired but yeah it must be a very scary thing to have to deal with.

Turkey is such an amazing country. I was only there for a month but it was brilliant and I'd love to go back some day. Such lovely people.

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This is so cool. I used to take my mini doxie in to a local test home and the residents loved her. One lady Pearl was bed bound and in the hospital unit. She had a number of strokes non verbal and was defiantly the most high needs resident but she became so much more animated and engaged with my wee carpet wrecker. She'd have her sitting on her bed proud as punch as we wheeled her around around like the Captain of a Spanish Galleon with her trusty sidekick.

We also had a fire one time as in an actual fire and she was fairly distressed even though an evacuation would have been easily managed. She was obviously a very caring lady and had been one of those take charge people and she sure as shit was determined to make sure my dog was going with her. No dog left behind!

I think it must be so hard for these people who are so used to being the ones everyone else has always relied on to be the sensible adult to have the tables turned and now they are reliant on others to care for them to have something like an animal to look after. It makes them feel like their old competent selves I guess. Don't worry Pearl I'll look after you but I need your help now too. Can I put you in charge of Pippen? I know you will look after her.

I miss Pearl.

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The correct answer to everything!