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Thank you for the kind words. If you know anybody in your local area with a body shop or custom shop, see if you can volunteer and learn by observing while youre sweeping the floor. I swept the floor at my Dad's shop when I first began at 25 cents an hour! Wish I was back there, too, I'd do it all again.

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The tension was on Boyd's side. I worked with him for 8 years and loved every minute. When he went bankrupt in 98 is when my wife and I were forced to start our own business. The talented employees from Boyd's wanted to work with us and Boyd was unhappy about it. I have no ill feelings for Boyd. Would have stayed there forever if the shop was still running.

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Thank you everyone who participated in our AMA. Hopefully reddit will have me back again one day. Keep watching, our Overhaulin' season finale is this Sunday on Velocity at 9/8c. Can't wait to share the new season 8 we're filming now (some really cool, DIFFERENT cars). Catch up with us at www.chipfoose.com, www.facebook.com/chipfoose and www.twitter.com/chipfoose -CHIP

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I got involved with Progeria when I found out about the Progeria Research Foundation from my mom. My Mom is the President of California chapter. I do a show with Year One in Braselton, GA every year with Kevin King and his crew to raise money for the foundation. My interest is based on the fact that my youngest sister Amy had Progeria and passed in 1986.

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Final sketches range from an hour to 3 hours. The rough sketches usually 5-15 minutes. I still tear up as well, thanks for watching!