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High five on the try though. Funny how those checks and balances are MIA when big money, ginned-up intel, and war powers intersect. CIA man, up and out, no response.

Accountability a laugh line, at this point. The press is free! If you own one. Only like 6 corporations own the vast majority of media outlets in the USA, and they're the same corporations that call the shots in congress.


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Whatcha make of hiring a diversity officer when most of the musicians are laid off and in a union dispute with management?

"The Met has been shut down because of the pandemic since last March, and most of its workers have been furloughed without pay since April. It is facing a major labor dispute with its unions, as well as more than $150 million in lost revenue from the theater’s closure. But Mr. Gelb said that the company hopes to receive assistance for diversity-related costs from foundations. "


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Hey Prof, I got a question for you!

Do you think it's ethical to capitalize on and feed widespread public fear, in an effort try and move some copies of a book?

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A grand jury is a prosecutor puntin' innit?

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Marketing angle for your practice, not Wizards of the Coast, although I'm sure they don't mind the tie-in. $$$$

Is this an approved form of therapy by, well, any professional organizations in the field?

I think this is about promoting your practice on reddit. Maybe get some of what they call "earned media" out of it. $$$$$