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Is being downvoted for being married a common problem?

takes notes

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Since Damien hasn't gotten to this question yet you might take a look at the 'Completed Projects' page and see what elephant-related projects the IAPF has supported in the past or plans to support in the future since the IAPF has already vetted those programs.

Specifically of note would be areas in Mozambique like the Niassa Game Reserve which has a large elephant population and is located in a very high-risk area. The IAPF has also supported Xonghile Game Park which you can read about on that link and watch the short documentary on supplying anti-poaching rangers and going after poachers in that region.

As an aside, I noticed that /r/babyelephantgifs has a lot of the big charitable organizations listed, but is notably missing Big Life which has a very heavy focus on anti-poaching along the Kenya/Tanzania border, a region where we're losing a tremendous number of elephants (and Kenya is a focal point of illegal wildlife trafficking). Big Life also accepts tax-deductible/tax-effective donations from USA/CAN/UK.

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Hey, I'm a long-time participant in the [email protected] project using BOINC (/r/BOINC shout-out). Have any of the projects you've worked on utilized the [email protected] distributed-computing software and yielded useful results?

What else can be done, through the use of distributed-computing or citizen science and education, to better make use of volunteers or volunteer computing time and reduce the direct costs of publicly funded scientific research?