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My parents were Chinese before they immigrated to Canada, I'm Canadian, and I've lived in China for 11 years plus I'm currently in China. I haven't seen any of this shit on social media or any hints of it anywhere from actual people in front of me. My guess would be people trying to do shit to go viral, or some fucked up challenge video I guess. That, and a small percentage of people may truly just act that way.

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What about optional cosmetics? Nothing gameplay progress related is barred behind a paywall, but if someone wants a special outfit that's pink and pointy they pay a buck for it or something.

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Man I feel you on the spicy food stuff. Whatever passes for Level 10 at like, Coco, or other establishments that use a similar scale, isn't nearly as deadly as they'd make it out to be. Wasabi has a pleasant, but different heat to it. And if I look too hard, I just find things that go overboard on heat to the point of being unpleasant, and me being unable to taste things.

Chicken cartilage skewers are great though.

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Hi from China, and thanks for doing this AMA! I have a slew of questions, but feel free to respond to whatever!

Out of curiosity, before you step into a country, is there anything you look forward to experiencing in particular? And how, if at all, has your understanding of different cultures and countries changed as a result of this amazing journey?

Do you get motion sickness? Have you ever gotten food poisoning? What kind of cuisine would you rate as the best tasting so far?

What is your most memorable visit, either good, or bad? Anything funky/fun/weird happen yet?

Thanks again, and best of luck on your adventure!

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Choo Choo