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Chilling_2023 karma

Wow, congratulations on your success. I'm 17 years old who's also living poor. I don't have wifi or a big house, and I have to share my room with my brothers.

I'm jealous how your life turned out because I know it will never happen to me. I don't even know what to do or who I should become. Could you give me any suggestions or a lesson perhaps? Anything would be useful right now tbh.

I always fantasized of being rich so I can move my family out of this dumphole, but I know what the harsh reality is. I'm sorry If I sound depressed, it's been hard lately. Thanks.

Chilling_201 karma

Man. I'm sorry you have to go through this pain. My life is screwed up but I know I'm fortunate. I seriously hope better things for you.

I'm curious as how this affected your life? I'm 17 too and I can't imagine the circumstances if I was in your shoes. I wish to be your friend one day. Thanks.