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I'm currently compiling a collection of stills from your movies where you see the boom mic in the shot. Would you like to see what I have so far?

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Hey Claude - thanks for the AMA! I'm a big patron over at /r/ween.

In September of 2006 Ween did a gig with The Magic Numbers, Sonic Youth, and The Flaming Lips. When you guys went on (3rd act I believe) you threw one of your drumsticks out to the crowd, while playing a tune. The guy behind me caught it. I turned around to give him a thumbs up and a congratulations. When I did so, the man gave me the drum stick. I was shocked that he would do such a thing and that he would be so nice/generous. I accepted it. I'm not exactly sure where it is today, but it was a great moment of my life. I was only six years old and I was on my dad's shoulders enjoying the musical experience that is Ween, my favorite band.

My question for you is how have you been able to put up with all the negativity in your life? How can you continue on and be a positive, badass, dude who rocks at drums? Any tips on staying positive through hard times? You certainly do not deserve all of those terrible things that happened to you over the years.

I am also a drummer and have drumming since the age of two. I'm thirteen now and am in a band with my dad and my brother. Claude, to put it simply, you inspire me to no end. Thanks for the years of entertainment!