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Really exciting and heartwarming to read such effort! Fascinating stuff. Layman here with an interest in science. I appreciate any responses!

In what form does the technology recieve brain signals? For example, is it like a direct current coming from different directions, at different intensities? In simpler forms: 1's and 0's at their respective intensities? Or is it a continuous/layered stream in some form?

Does the chip become "part" of the brain? For instance, does the chip carry on signals from one neuron to the other that it's inbetween, if at all? Or is it always an end/start point and never an intemediary?

What measures are taken to assure this technology cannot be accessed/hacked locally or over wifi/bluetooth or whatever it is you use to communicate back to your computer?

And one ridiculous question just out of curiosity..

If all went well, could your technology potentially be evolved to control things other than motor responses? Maybe more complex things such as immune responses and other internal responses?

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ChillTheFuxkOut18 karma

Given your current understanding and work, at this point in time, do you think cannabis will ever be reacreationally legalised in the UK?

If it's just a matter of when, not if, what is your projected timeframe?

Is it true majority of police officers stopping people for small amounts of personal cannabis would actually rather not give out a warning/fine/criminal record, and that moderate consumption is generally perceived as harmless, but unfortunately they are bound by duty?

Is the stereotypical view of cannabis as THE gateway drug still pervasive in law enforcement?

Thanks for your time!