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Bukowski quote ftw.

another thing: it's easier, cheaper, and greener to get tap water than bottled water. just do it.

relevant infographic

long article on 'the culture of indulgence' and bottled water

thesis presentation on bottled water shenanigans

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Shoot, thanks for the clarification.

I get my info about cannabis from the local cannabis shops and also from documentaries that I watch and articles I read about the issue.

Oral ingestion (edibles) are the safest for my consumption needs. I also like some of the salves out there.

Thanks for the work you do!

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Can I participate in the survey if I live in the US?

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Incredible answer! This really actually helped me understand how things have and will progress in this field. As someone who works in a completely unrelated field, but is tangentially interested in this stuff, thanks for shedding some light on the subject.

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Cool! Do you have a screenshot of the OG reflexr? And how is reflexr reloaded different from the original?