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In first/business class you get your first free drink while everyone is still loading up in the back. Some people treat first class just like an all you can drink bar.

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Japanese is written very phonetically. Hiragana and Katakana characters each represent a sound and they are written out that way. Kanji, the Chinese characters, basically represent words, but they have specific pronunciations depending on how they're used. Spelling is not an issue

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I speak it too, care to clarify what you mean?

先生 is せんせい. There's not really any way to mix the hiragana spelling/pronunciation up

The kanji : 先 can be basically either せん or さき 生 can be either せい or い(きる)

You can pick up on which it should be depending on the context. In either case, there isn't really a wrong way to spell the words once you know how to pronounce them.

If you're talking about missing a stroke or something, that's more like writing an i instead of j

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You mention airlines merging, which do you think is most likely?

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It would be like Pepsi and Coke merging