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Not at the AMA guy but at the poster here but get that removed man. Lipomas under imaging (ultrasound or even MRI/PET) aren't always lipomas (though 99.9% they are) and you can't biopsy them on the off chance they aren't because biopsying (?sp) a sarcoma is a really bad thing! Given location you go stage 1 to 4 pretty fast if your gamble turns out wrong as sarcomas like to spread to the lungs (i.e. dead). If extremity, waiting is usually best as you can monitor for changes but chest or abdomen, well I wouldn't take the conservative approach on that one.

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So given the scale why didn't you focus on Epic instead?

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Decriminalization of marijuana is not the same thing as ending the war on drugs. What is your stance on LSD/PCP/crack, the FDA, and/or the concepts of prescriptions period?

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Actually it is. People die waiting for drugs and the research to usage pipeline already too long. To a terminal person, a 99% side effect of death is worth it. That goes for everything including quality of life. Thirty year trials tacking tens of thousand of people globally before you can even release a drug and make a dollar is unrealistic.

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Can't say I agree with that but I understand the decision.