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Is Putin's Russia the most authentic version of "We wanted the best, but it turned out like always" (Хотели как лучше, а получилось как всегда)?

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Do you think there is something specific about the Russian soul that guides the nation towards this sad fate?

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But couldn't one argue that this is the case for nearly all other pre-democratic societies before they transition into some sort of democracies. Obviously, I am not saying Russia is unique in it's struggles to become a normal country. I am just curious if you could identify something uniquely Russian that causes Russian society to resist the pull of becoming a liberal society.

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Hi Gene,

I own a small doughnut shop in Montreal. My impression from interacting with my peers (small businesses) is that small business owners don't optimize their business operations using POS data. They either have real difficulty accessing the data (because of my antiquated POS I only get printable data, which I have to enter manually into Excel!) or they simply don't have the time or ability to convert the sales data into actionable changes in operations.

My question is: do you foresee POS driven data aquisition/analytics entering the small business operations world? And do you know of any particular services that you feel are doing this well? I am especially interested in trying to use the data for helping the different parts of running a business (staffing, marketing, maintaining appropriate stock and identifying waste).

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To elaborate a little bit with a perspective of a Russian person who is fairly integrated into US culture and understands your concern: Black face doesn't have the same (negative) connotation in Russian culture (actually in most places outside of the US). Black face is historically offensive in the US because of the history of the minstrel shows and its roots coming from the conditions that made slavery an institution in the United States. Russians don't have that history and do not feel the pain that it evokes in people.