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And now we hear from Press Secretary Gilbert Gottfried.

EDIT: The lost episode of The West Wing.

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I just want to say...I've been to every Disney park around the world, I was on the maiden voyage of the Disney Magic, been to Disney at least once a year since I was born, my mom found out she was pregnant with me at Disney World and she was wearing Minnie Mouse socks when she gave birth to my littler brother. This is the ONE thing I have not done at Disney parks and I appreciate that you treat it the way you do.

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This is going to deal with the harsh realities of policy v. reality, but here goes.

A cafeteria lunch may be the only meal that a student eats all day. It's important that the meal be "healthy" (which to some means healthy in the sense of being fresh, tasty, and meets the nutritional requirements of healthy and to others means just meeting the nutritional requirements of healthy). Because if it was healthy in the former sense, it may be the only healthy meal that students who eat school lunches get, even students who do eat at home.

Then there's the political/policy side of the situation. The FDA has a long list of requirements for school lunches that can be found here. And as we've seen in the past, the FDA is subject to political influences whether they be from actual politicians or various private influences. Not to mention the fact that schools are being asked by the states to cut budgets. Sometimes this means contracting the cafeteria out and sometimes it means cutting quality.

Anyways, it comes out of the conflict between students' needs and political decision.

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It was always the one place my family could go and actually have a good time. If it happens, it happens. If not, I've had a really great time at the parks and great experiences on every Disney trip.

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I still use the Fox 40 occasionally, just for fun! Mine has chew marks in it from being on the stand.