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I met him once at a Blizzcon. Won't go into details, but I was blown away with how down to earth and humble he was. He personally did something for me instead of blowing up and yelling at someone for fucking up.

Funny thing is, I had no idea who he was until I saw him speak at the opening of blizzcon, I honestly thought he was someone hired to help around the convention.

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Do you have any peer reviewed or other scholarly sources regarding your claims of evidence suggesting it would increase wellbeing, freedom, creativity, trust, connection, and social cohesion?

I've always been pro UBI and believe it would solve lots of problems. But I've never been able to get solid data regarding it. I'm one of those types that likes to have hard data to back up my arguments, just hoping you have a reference or two with good data since I can't find them.

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I think fielding questions about Bam has no benefit if he cares about his friend and his friend is still struggling with addiction. My $0.02. Mad respect for Novak.

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That is how my troop and I look at it as well. Maybe national doesn't see it that way, but we do.

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Not OP and not an expert, but I wanted to add a bit regarding why I like the idea of UBI.

One main reason, is we are kind of doing this "the hard way" already in the welfare policies we have in place. Don't get me wrong, I think one or the other should exist in a modern society.

But I feel our welfare system is wildly expensive, ineffective, and wasteful in its current implementation. If UBI replaced all or most of these, it would almost assuredly be less wasteful, less corrupt, and easier to implement.

I do think there are other giant hurdles that may make it impossible, namely your labor argument is something I can't quite get past. So for those reasons maybe UBI is only a pipe dream, but I think we should look at all the benefits, and I truly think if it replaces our plethora of shitty welfare systems that is a positive.